eRDS FIELD - Manage and enrich FFE asset information during Fit-Out.


Defining room data in an organised manner and making it available to project stakeholders is just the first step in the room data process. For every room in the building the finishes, fittings, ME specifications, and ME components must be purchased, installed and where necessary commissioned.

Dealing with thousands of assets on a medium sized project can be challenging and this is where eRDS Field can bring efficiencies to the process and provide an improved management overview.


There are many construction Apps available on the market but none of them have the depth of information or the power of eRDS Field. That’s because our software is populated by an asset database from eRDS Cloud which in turn is populated with information from BIM models and room data.

A list of contents for each room or space is imported as five sets of information; Room Details, Finishes, Fittings, ME Specification and ME Components. The information is accessed through a simple and easy to understand user interface (UI) allowing users to navigate to the room of interest by scrolling through a list of room numbers.


eRDS Field lets you capture the important asset information such as manufacturer, part numbers, and supplier etc. that’s required for handover, FM and operations. Once captured in eRDS Field, the information is uploaded to eRDS Cloud and merged with the master asset database.


You can use the software to monitor progress during fit-out for management reporting. This can be done with a simple traffic light system, or you can record more detailed information such as commissioning dates as well as the company and engineer carrying out the inspections.


eRDS Field provides the flexibility to manage assets as groups / types in a room location, or as individual items with asset-codes so their serial numbers, warranty conditions, commissioning information can be captured through the software.


You can create bespoke forms to drive the various data capture processes. They can be as simple or as complex as required and used to check almost anything needed on-site.

The forms are easily customisable with collapsible headings so as not to overload the user with information and can be colour coded for clarity. You can set them up within eRDS Field or by importing Excel spreadsheets.


eRDS Field runs on any Windows tablet or laptop. The application is easy to install and does not use much space, so the hardware requirements are minimal.


eRDS Field is a multi-user application which can can be run either online or offline depending on the availability of Wi-Fi and network access. It’s  synchronisation capabilities ensure the database is kept up-to-date as soon as the network is detected, so everyone is working with the latest information.


eRDS Field is fully compatible with 3D Asset, a Navisworks based model enrichment application. Information captured from site through the application can be interrogated and the results visualised in 3D using advanced filtering, search and colour coding functions.


You can create reports from any of the five information sets as CSV files direct from the application or from eRDS Cloud. 

Once the information captured from eRDS Field has been synchronised with the master asset database in eRDS Cloud, you can create the finalised room data sheets as PDF documents


eRDS provides all the tools required for projects using the philosophy that all building information should be in the BIM models.

Asset information captured from site can be written back to the Revit BIM models as new parameters on the corresponding 3D objects through the Asset Code Populator. Assets described as room data information in eRDS Cloud can be written onto 3D floor objects using the eRDS Manager plugins for Revit.


Many FM applications use the COBie method to import building information. When the BIM models are enriched with asset information from eRDS Cloud & Field it will be included in the COBie files generated from Revit.

Alternatively, you can filter and sort the latest asset information from eRDS and use the cut / paste method to update the COBie file.


eRDS Field is the only product on the market capable of handling an asset database comprised of BIM and room data on-site. It provides the tools and efficient workflows for construction teams to monitor fit-out processes and capture the information required for handover, FM and operations.

eRDS does nothing that isn’t already being done through various paper based and electronic processes. The difference is that the information is validated and stored in a central location which can be used by other FM and CMMS appications.

Taken together these benefits save considerable man-hours and money as well as providing reliable information that can be trusted by all stakeholders.