PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT. November 15th 2017. As BIM and room data converge its important that the assets already defined in Revit architectural and MEP models are accounted for in the eRDS M&E components database. The various systems in MEP design models will include important assets that are counted as room data. On the electrical systems these might include such assets as luminaires, whilst on the heating and ventilation system there will be diffusers, dampers and radiators. These assets need to find their way into the room database so they can be accounted for in room data sheets.


The image shows the concept of what’s required for accurate asset identification. Our new Revit Asset Manager Plugin provides the modelling team with the tools to quickly identify all assets of interest including doors from the architectural model. The plugin will extract the relevant parameters as asset information together with their building level and room identifiers into an Excel file. When the file is imported into eRDS Cloud, the model based information is augmented with additional room data to build up a complete picture for everything in the room. So where a Revit model has defined the number and types of lights in a room, eRDS will add the switches, spurs and sockets as well as PIRs and thermostatic controllers. The plugin is available from the eRDS downloads page here.