Room data sheets are designed to provide an overview of the furniture, finishes, fittings, M&E components and specifications in each room. Its common practice to group assets of a certain type together using a single description and a number count, but there are times when assets need to be listed individually. For example, sometimes its necessary to record serial numbers and commissioning dates for warranty records. It gets more complicated when BIM is introduced into the mix. Once the assets have been identified, their information is extracted and consolidated with room data that’s been defined in the cloud as information only. A professional room data solution should be able to handle information in both forms.

In eRDS Cloud and Field there are controls on the imports from both BIM and from the Field. Information on assets extracted from the models will be listed individually which is not always desirable. For example, luminaires will be listed by type individually line by line, which in most cases is unnecessary. During the eRDS BIM import process you can specify that certain ‘asset types’ such as the luminaires should be counted and displayed as one line in the room data. And when defining assets within eRDS Cloud as information you can choose to display them ‘grouped with a number count, or as individual assets.